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Peraza Music Workshop – Parent Guide

Welcome to the Peraza Music Workshop!

The following outlines the studio policies. Please, read carefully.

Studio Information

This is the 2012-2014 parent information for Peraza Music Workshop. The Calendar Page lists all of the important performance dates as well as the dates of tuition payments and vacation schedules. Below are descriptions of the various activities that appear on the calendar.

Private Lessons

Weekly private lessons are offered on a quarterly basis in a private and congenial studio in Cincinnati.  Lessons may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration as deemed appropriate for the student.  Beginning students start learning through the Suzuki method of music instruction and after some advancement, traditional instruction is incorporated into the process.

Parental involvement, especially for the beginning student, is absolutely crucial.  Parents should sit in on each lesson, quietly observing and taking notes and preparing to help the student with practice at home.

Prospective students and their parents are highly encouraged to sit in on three private lessons and two group lessons before making a final decision as to enrolling in the Peraza’s Music Workshop.

Suzuki Group Classes

Group classes are unique to the Suzuki Method approach and are integral to the method. They are arranged according to age and ability level. Group classes are designed to allow children to share their music with others, while we reinforce important skills introduced at the private lesson. Another function of the group experience is to learn how to play together in an ensemble. The social benefits of group classes are superb especially in terms of motivation for home practice.

A fee is available which includes group classes, group concerts, accompanist for group activities, theory and parent talk. There are 10 group classes per quarter on Wednesdays and 5 group classes per quarter on Saturdays.

Please look at this schedule and attend the group class that is appropriate for you.

Wednesday Group Classes:

Suzuki Late Book 1 through Suzuki Book 5:  4:30-6:00 p.m.

Saturday Group Classes:

Suzuki Book 6 and Up: 9:00 a.m.

Suzuki Early Book 1: 11:00 a.m.- 11:45 a.m.

Vivace Ensemble: 6:00- 6:45 p.m.

Saturday Group Classes:

Allegro Ensemble: 9:00- 10:00 a.m.

Suzuki Book 6 and Up: 10:00- 11:00 a.m.

Suzuki Early Book 1: 11:00- 11:45 a.m.

Suzuki Group Concerts

The Winter Group Concert and the Spring Group Concert are our big concerts and will take place at the College Hill Presbyterian Church. These concerts are free and open to the public. Preparation for these concerts takes place during the regular group class times. Dates and times of these concerts are subject to change.  Peraza Music Workshop also offers outreach concerts at various community venues throughout the year and all students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Solo Recitals

The studio also offers Solo Performance opportunities to all Suzuki students and Traditional students. Participation in a solo recital is based on my recommendation. However, it is the obligation of the student or the parent to request such a performance opportunity. I expect that each student will perform at least one solo recital per year. Every student should observe a solo recital before performing the first time.

The work selected to perform should be a “polished” piece, not the one that was just learned in time to play at the recital.

Solo recitals are performed with a piano accompanist.  It is the responsibility of the student or parents  to sign up for a rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the recital day. Showing up on the day of the recital, expecting to run through the work with the accompanist, regardless of the simplicity of the work, it is not allowed. You need to contact the accompanist for rehearsals prior to the recital. There is a fee for the accompanist.  Contact information for piano accompanists is available upon request.

Concert etiquette requires that all performers remain in the hall until the conclusion of the program. If you have a conflict that requires the performer to “play and leave,” then I strongly suggest that the performance be rescheduled.

Performance Classes and Master Classes

Performance Classes or Master Classes may be offered throughout the year at the Peraza Music Workshop. These classes are intended for advanced students who are preparing to audition or perform in a competition or recital. Participation is limited and should be arranged by consultation with me. All performance classes are open to the public and we encourage all our students to observe.

Past guest teachers: Mimi Zweig, Timothy Lees, Nancy Jackson, Carlos Rubio, Vera McCoy-Sulentic, Rómulo Benavides among others.


Lesson Payments

1.     Payments will be made monthly or quarterly.

2.     Payments should be made by the first week of each quarter, or the first week of the month.

3.     No instruction will be given until payment is received.

4.     Lessons missed during the period of “non-payment” will not be made up. It is impossible for me to revise my schedule to fit these in.

5.     Two late or non-payments in one year will regretfully result in the student’s dropped from the studio.

Missed Lesson

It is not possible to schedule make-up lessons when a student misses a lesson for any reason including illness or pre-arranged vacation time. Make- up lessons can be arranged if cancellation notice was received at least 24 hours in advance.

–   Call me at home.

–   Do not email cancellations.

–   Students are entitled to one makeup lesson per quarter.

–   It would be much appreciated if you contact me even in the case of a last minute cancellation.

–   If you are calling the same day and/or forgot your lesson, please do not ask for a make-up.

If the teacher misses a lesson, the lesson will either be rescheduled at a time that is convenient for the student, or a credit for the lesson will be given on the next quarter’s tuition.

Suzuki Workshop and Institutes

The studio will present a weekend violin workshop. The Winter Workshop is an opportunity for your child to work with noted Suzuki teachers from around the country. The workshop is designed to motivate your child and to give you and your child a taste of what it is like to attend a summer Suzuki Institute. Participation in the winter workshop is not required but highly recommended.  This is for both, Suzuki and traditional students.

The Suzuki Association of the Americas sponsors week-long Suzuki Institutes throughout the summer on various college campuses. They are a wonderful opportunity for parents and students to spend a week together focusing on their music. A summer institute can often be the “shot in the arm” that will help your child begin the school year with great enthusiasm. I highly recommend participation in a Suzuki Institute.

Brochures for the summer institutes usually arrive around the first week in March.

Past guest teachers: Nancy Jackson (IL), Carrie Hummel-Running (NY), Vera McCoy-Sulentic

Student Behavior

We have worked very hard to make the studio environment inviting and comfortable place. It would be most appreciated that you help in cleaning up after the children, either at the studio or at the College Hill Presbyterian Church. The same applies for group classes, recitals, and concerts.

Running around is not acceptable; children should be supervised at all times. Many of the students are performing on instruments valued in the thousands of dollars. The consequences of a collision could be very expensive.

Siblings are welcome at the studio, as long as they have some constructive, quiet activity to keep them occupied. Ideally, they should remain with the parent in the lesson studio. It is expected that students do not wander out of the studio area.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call or send me an e-mail.

Group Classes and Ensemble classes will be held at  College Hill Presbyterian Church: 5742 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45224

Volunteer Opportunities 

Enhance the musical experience of your children. We always welcome help for workshops, outreach, fundraising, and master classes. Any help is greatly appreciated. For information and availability, please contact me.

Instrument Maintenance and Supplies

It is important to keep your instrument and equipment in good playing condition. At least once a year, you should consider rehairing your bow and changing your strings. Every student should have an extra set of fresh strings in their instrument case at all times.


Local Business- Instruments:

A Violin Maker Workshop (513) 244 1900 

Antonio Violins

(513) 679 7742

Baroque Violin Shop

(513) 541 2000

Strings N Things (513) 474 6033 

Non-local Business- Instruments:

William Harris Lee & CompanyChicago, IL

Johnson String Instrument Boston, MA

Machold Rare InstrumentsNew York, NY

Bein & Fushi incChicago, IL

Carl Becker and Son LtdChicago, IL

Reuning & Son ViolinsBoston, MA

Sheet Music and Supplies:

Carter’s Music (513) 729 0700

Shar Music 1 – 800-248-SHAR

Sheet Music Plus 1- 800- 743 3868

Luck’s Music Library 1-800- 348 8749

Southwest Strings 1- 800- 528 3430