Solo Recitals

violinThe studio also offers Solo Performance opportunities to all Suzuki students and Traditional students. Participation in a solo recital is based on my recommendation. However, it is the obligation of the student or the parent to request such a performance opportunity. I expect that each student will perform at least one solo recital per year. Every student should observe a solo recital before performing the first time.

The work selected to perform should be a “polished” piece, not the one that was just learned in time to play at the recital.

Solo recitals are performed with a piano accompanist.  It is the responsibility of the student or parents  to sign up for a rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the recital day. Showing up on the day of the recital, expecting to run through the work with the accompanist, regardless of the simplicity of the work, it is not allowed. You need to contact the accompanist for rehearsals prior to the recital. There is a fee for the accompanist.  Contact information for piano accompanists is available upon request.

Concert etiquette requires that all performers remain in the hall until the conclusion of the program. If you have a conflict that requires the performer to “play and leave,” then I strongly suggest that the performance be rescheduled.